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Keepers of Dry Stone 2014

Keepers of Dry Stone 2015

Shire of Drygestan

07/2/2015 - 07/6/2015
OPENS: 12:00PM   CLOSES: 12:00PM

Pecos Wilderness, Santa Fe National Forest
Forest Rd 18 Las Vegas NM 87701

Event Steward: 

THL Decimus Varro
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Site Fee:

$15 for adults (17+)
$5 for youth (6-16)
Free for children 5 or younger
$5 non-member surcharge

Temporary Guardianship:

Temporary Guardians must bring for each minor, each of the following forms:

1- A notarized “Child Guardian Consent Form” which designates the adult as the minor’s temporary legal guardian for the duration of the event. 

2- A notarized “Medical Authorization for Minors” form which gives the Temporary Guardian the right to determine and authorize specified necessary medical attention

3- A “Minor’s Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement” (aka Minor’s Waiver) form or a current SCA blue membership card for said minor.

All 3 forms can be downloaded as a single packet here.

Site Status: 




Keepers of Drystone is upon us! On July 2nd-6th the Shire of Drygestan invites you to a long weekend of fun, merriment, revels, and fighting. 

An abundance of warriors proved their honor, valor, and prowess on the fields of Drystone last year, this year will be no different! Four tournaments are being held.

The Brothers Varro are hosting a Gypsy torchlight tourney to welcome you in the spirit of Drygestan. Those unfamiliar with a gypsy fight will get acquainted with it quickly. Exact conventions to be announced at the tourney.

Countess Ingriðr Rauðkinn is hosting a helmet auction tourney. The helmets of the entrants will be displayed before the tourney and the public can bid on them. There will be a prize for both winning fighter and the consort who won the bid on them.

Later in the day I invite all mighty warriors of these Outlands to prove their worth and skill. COME! CONTEST FOR THE RIGHT TO WIELD THUNDERHEAD! IF YOU HAVE IT IN YOU, COME TRY AND TAKE THE TITLE OF WARLORD!! As every Warlord Tournament, we will require you to fight multiple weapon styles. Bring your gauntlets. we will do our best to supply spare pairs.

Finally my Brother, Titus Varro, Thegn of the Iron Hart, challenges all fighters in the kingdom to come and have a contest among our soldiers in the Stag Army. A grueling and fierce competition will be held. Designed to test your prowess not only in singular combat but as a battlefield commander. The Captain of the Stag's Bloods is ranking officer at war and should be tested accordingly. Starting early on, it will begin as a snowball tournament. When the teams reach an appropriate size it will become a Round Robin of small melee units. the winner gets first pick of the eliminated teams, second place gets second choice. The finals are fought between the two finalists from the Round Robin in a set of Grand Melee scenarios. Come ready to fight. (I'm coming for CAPTAIN)

Lord Rowland Grey of Lincolnshire is hosting Windhover Bard competition in the evening. He will be hosting and judging this gathering of minstrels.

Our ranges will be opened to test your skill with bow, axe, spear, and dagger. If lazy summer days be what you seek, there will be plenty of that as well. A wonderful time is assured at this fine event. We hope to see you there!

We continue our BATTERING RAM drink competition tradition!  Enter your favorite adult beverage in the contest.


Pets allowed on leashes only.  No Large Animals Please. 

Parking: Parking space is all along the main road outside of site. All vehicles driving in to site will be asked to unload and drive back out to park on the road. Carpool when possible, parking is tight.

There will be no RV parking on site. RV's will not be allowed to enter site; they can be parked on the main road but they take up a lot of space, so please be considerate. We strongly discourage RV camping at this event.

There is a large dip in the road on the way in to site. Large cargo trailers are not recommended.

If it rains, we will temporarily close the road at gate, and not allow anyone to drive in or out of site until the road dries. This is to both protect the site and to keep anyone from getting stuck in the mud.

Please see the note below about parking and rain.

Trash: Please leave it cleaner than you found it!  It is a primitive site, so everyone needs to remember to pack out all their own trash. There will be no dumpster or trash service on site. Please, help us keep this site beautiful so the Forest Service will let us keep using it. Thank you all for your cooperation.

Camping: There are a ton of really great camping spots at this site. There are a few areas, however, that have been reserved for certain groups (Royal, al-Barran, Fontaine, etc). Please check with the map at gate for camping areas.

Water: There is no water on site, please make sure you bring plenty for your family and your pets.

Mosquitos: The rainy weather has been fovorible to the mosquitos.  The mosquitoes have been a little fierce up in that part of the world this summer. Bring your DEET, or eucalyptus spray, or citronella, or mosquito nets, or whatever you prefer for bug slaying.

Fires, Cannons, and Fireworks: At this moment there are no Forest Service restrictions so we're making our own. Only existing dug out in-ground fire rings surrounded by rocks can be used. Above ground fire pits are acceptable. All lanterns, torches, stoves, and things of that nature need to have on/off switches. Anyone with any fires of any sort in their camp will need to have a fire extinguisher and shovel handy, and do not leave open flames unattended.

Fireworks are completely forbidden. No exceptions!

Cannons can be used up till 11pm. Cannon curfew will be strictly enforced. Cannons must be on the outskirts of the event site, and pointed away from site. Excessively constant firing of cannons is not allowed.

Smokers, you must have an appropriate container to dispose of your cigarette butts. We request that nobody smoke in the town hall/tournament/bardic area.

Weather: In the past we have had light afternoon rains perfect for cooling things off. 

It *WILL* rain. It's that time of year, plus I hear we can blame some of it on our good Scottish King. The forecast for next weekend is lovely, with some rain showers predicted. The rain makes the site very pleasant, however too much of it can muddy the road through the site. If that happens we'll have to close the road, and you'll have to walk in/out to your car if you need to leave site. We won't make exceptions, we don't want anyone tearing up the site this year like they did last year. We know it's inconvenient, but it's a beautiful site and we'd really like it to stay lovely, and for the forest service to continue letting us use it.

For current site weather, check here:

For current weather and road conditions accross the Kingdom, check here:


Noon - Gate opens

Sundown: Tourchlight Gypsy Tournament hosted by Decimus and Titus Varro

11:00: Helm Auction Tourney hosted by Countess Ingrid (Phoebe Welke)
2:30: WARLORD OF THE OUTLANDS hosted by THLord Decimus Varro
After Court: Windhover Bard Competition hosted by Lord Rowland of Lincolnshire (Jacob B White)
TBD: Battering Ram Drink Contest hosted by Lord Llewellyn

11:00: Captain of the STAG'S BLOODS hosted by THLord Titus Varro

All scheduled events are subject to change at the needs and requests of Their Royal Majesties Tam and Kathryn!

Click here for Google Map

Click here for Google Directions from I-25


Take your best route to Exit 343 just south of Las Vegas proper on Interstate 25. From the exit, head east and turn right onto Frontage Rd 2137. Follow Frontage Rd 2137 for about a mile and turn right onto NM 283. Follow Nm 283 for 13.8 miles until the black top ends. When you get to the gravel road, take a slight right onto Forest Rd 18 and head up the switch back. in 2 miles, you will cross the National Forest boundary. The site is just past the boundary on the right.


 BATTERING RAM!  This year's Battering Ram competition will be known as "Bride of Battering Ram"! 

- You must be 21 or over and present ID to enter the contest.
- You must provide an ingredients list (no cinnamon, please) to the judges.
- Drink must be pinkish (BRIDE of Battering Ram).
- Drink will be judged on flavor and color.
- Winner will sponsor next year's BATTERING RAM! contest

Windhover Bard Southern Semifinals (from the desk pof Lord Rowland):

"Greetings Unto All,

The position of Windhover Bard was created in honor of the late Mistress Kyriel of Windhover Cliff. Those who are selected to serve as the Kingdom's Bard have a duty to support the bardic arts and lift the spirits of the populace at the whim of their Majesties. It is a great experience!

The time has come to begin the selection of the new Windhover Bard. As is traditional, I will host a semi final bardic for each region. For the Southern Region, the Shire of Drygestan has graciously agreed to host us at their event called Keepers of Drystone.

The semi final round consists of three pieces:

During the day's festivities, each bard must give a toast to whomever (or whatever) the bard wishes. This can be in a tavern, at a campsite, or even in the middle of the event. Each competitor shall coordinate with me for their toast.

After feast, their will be a bardic, where in the competing bards must present a piece of original poetry and a performance piece of their choice.

At the bardic on Saturday evening, each competitor will perform two pieces.

The first is an original poem. The theme for the poetry piece shall be limericks, so please compose an original limerick.

The final performance piece is of course bard's choice.

Registration for the bardic begins now. Contact me via Facebook or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for registration or questions. Those who wish to participate but not compete, are very welcome!


Lord Rowland de Grey
Windhover Bard"


Drystone 2014 Gallery1     

Drystone 2014 Gallery2