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Drystone Forest Header

Drystone III and St Martins Collegium 2017

Shire of Drygestan

06/23/2017 - 06/26/2017
OPENS: 12:00PM   CLOSES: 3:00PM

Links Tract Campground Santa Fe National Forest
(north of Terrero/Pecos)

Event Steward: 

THL Erchambaut le Breton & Sir Raymond the Quiet with Rowland de Grey
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Site Fee:

Adult Event Registration: $15, Adult Member Discount: $10 (16+)
Child Registration (5-15): $5, Child (Under 5): Free

Site Status: 


Facebook Event:



The quiet din of open wilderness will be broken with laughter and learning, song and sword

The great minds and swords of the Company of St Martin's convene to teach their predilection for battle and tourney.  Dukes, Knights, Keepers, and all will disseminate the roles of Chivalry and the makings of a fighter.  Open sky on sun-lit spaces will grant freedom of form and movement to those seeking guidance in armored combat, rapier combat, and a consuming love for the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The power lounging on the other side of camp will break the sound barrier with Bardic tales and rollicking mirth.  Drystone and her host, the Shire of Drygestan, are known for Summer events of laid-back fun and revelry.  This year, she will offer a spectacular Middle Eastern Hafla on Saturday night, replete with ardent drumming and dancing.  Come for the camaraderie and stay for the shenanigans!

This is THE Summer event to be blithesome OR hone your fighting skills.

Site:  Wet

Pets:  US Forest Service specifies these pet rules: /recarea/santafe/recarea/?reci d=75926 

Parking:  TBD

Water:  Bring your own.  There is no water on site.

Trash:  Carry out all your trash.  Please leave it cleaner than you found it!  It is a primitive site, so everyone needs to remember to pack out all their own trash.  There will be no dumpster or trash service on site.  Thank you all for your cooperation.

Camping:  There are a ton of really great camping spots at this site.  There are a few areas, however, that have been reserved for certain groups (Royal, al-Barran, Fontaine, etc).  Please check with the map at gate for camping areas.

Fires:  Fire Danger as determined at the time by the US National Forest will determine whether Fires will be allowed on site.

SANTA FE, NM – June 21, 2017 – For Immediate Release. The Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) will implement forest-wide Stage 1 fire restrictions at 8:00 a.m. this Friday, June 23, 2017. Fire danger on the forest remains high due to continued high temperatures and dry conditions.

Under Stage I restrictions, fires, campfires, charcoal grills, and coal and wood stoves are allowed only in developed campsites or picnic areas with existing fire rings or grills. Campfires are prohibited at all dispersed camping sites. Stoves, lanterns or heaters fueled by propane or other liquefied petroleum fuels may be used in areas cleared of flammable materials within three feet of the device if they meet manufacturer’s safety specifications and have on/off switches.

Smoking is allowed only in enclosed vehicles or buildings and developed recreation sites. Fireworks are always banned on National Forest System lands. Fireworks and other pyrotechnic devices are always prohibited on National Forests, regardless of weather conditions or holidays.

For more info please go to

Canons:  No Canons will be allowed.  USFS noise rules.


For current site weather, check here:

For current weather and road conditions accross the Kingdom, check here:

St. Martin's Colleguim
Class Schedule:

Time Fighting Track #1 Fighting Track
Fencing  Non Fighting Archery
 9 AM Opening
 10 AM Mama Birding
- Mordygan
Basic Tournament Combat -
Fabris' Rapier, Pt 1 - Siegfried Court
Speaking -
 11 AM Footwork - Albrecht
How Fighters Serve - Bardolf Order of Defense & Peerage Discussion - Otto Basic Heraldic Composition - Rowland
12 AM Lunch  
1 PM Fighting Drills - Albrecht Armor Fitting  - Gottfried Fiore's Longsword - Siegfried
Tournament Pagentry -
Choosing and using Archery Equipment-
THL Mikhailo
2 PM Thinking in
Fighting -
Glaive Pt I - Titus Buckler Technique - Gaston Needle work   - Y  
3 PM Great Sword
101  -Gottfried
Glaive Pt II - Titus Padded Armor - Alexander Bardic 101 - Thomas  

10 AM Slow Work  - Einar Florentine -Thomas Fabris' Rapier, Pt 2 - Siegfried
Basic Chess   - Dennis  
11 AM 6-man Melee Tactics - Rowland
Open Practice
 The Spanish Circle - Otto

NOON Lunch  
1 PM Open Fighter Training Open Fighter Training Open Fighter Training Open Fighter Training
Choosing and using Archery Equipment-
THL Mikhailo
2 PM Open Fighter Training
Open Fighter Training Open Fighter Training  Open Fighter Training Open Fighter Training

Drystone Activities Schedule:

Friday - Noon - Power Lounging begins!
Saturday - 6pm - Middle Eastern Hafla - THL Cristiane

Saturday - 7pm - Battering Ram Contest - THL Hrefna

Drystone Activities:

Power Lounging

 You are encouraged to participate in this activity throughout the event!

Middle Eastern Hafla

Join us Saturday evening at 6pm for drumming and dancing.


Populace of Drygestan and honored guests,

I invite you to join me for a night of fun and revelry at Drystone III.  I will be hosting a competition for the most noble of revelers, the BATTERING RAM competition.  This is a challenge to make a cocktail or cordial. It has to have a wow factor.  It has to be something to inspire the populace of Drygestan.  My only request, it has to be GREEN!  In the spirit and tradition of the beautiful lands of Drygestan, I would like you to join me at 7pm on Saturday evening at Drystone for this wonderful competition.  I will have a sign up sheet and will be in need of 3 judges.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

THL Hrefna Cyrredes dohtor

- You must be 21 or over and present ID to enter the contest.
- You must provide an ingredients list to the judges.
- Drink must be GREEN.
- Drink will be judged on flavor and color.
- Winner will sponsor next year's BATTERING RAM! contest


All scheduled events are subject to change at the needs and requests of Their Royal Majesties.

Click here for Google Map

Click here for directions from the South:

Click here for directions from the North:

  1. *Take the best route to I-25 to Santa Fe or Glorieta/Pecos.
  2. *Take Exit 299 to NM-50.
  3. *Turn left at Pancho's Shell Gas station in Pecos, NM onto State Road 63.
  4. *Head toward Terrero, NM
  5. *Take right toward Cowles at fork in the road.
  6. *Continue on paved road without lines.
  7. *Turn right onto FR 646 just before Mile Marker 20.
  8. *Follow approximately 1 mile to LINKS TRACT CAMPGROUND



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