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21 Oct 2017
Peanut Valley Festival - DEMO
22 Oct 2017
Queen's Prize - Q
25 Oct 2017
06:30PM - 08:00PM
Drumming and Belly Dancing
26 Oct 2017
06:00PM - 08:00PM
Heavy Fighter Practice
28 Oct 2017
BOD Meeting - Q
28 Oct 2017
Feast of Saint Golias
28 Oct 2017
03:00PM - 05:00PM
Rapier/Fencing Fighter Practice
01 Nov 2017
06:30PM - 08:00PM
Drygestan Populace Meeting
04 Nov 2017
Holiday Bazaar
11 Nov 2017
Coronation - KQPP

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Chronicler's Page

The Chronicler oversees the written history of the Shire of Drygestan.  The Chronicler is the Chosen One to watch over our history and write the books of our legends.  The books of our history include songs and legends of all the great ones through our many years.  

My name is Thomas Winterbourne, and I am (to the best of my knowledge) the first Chronicler of the Shire of Drygestan.  I might be wrong about that.  The Shire has been around for quite some time.  However, if there was a Chronicler, sometime in the dim mists of antiquity...whatever that person wrote didn't make it to the present day.  The date of this particular entry is the 20th of July, Anno Societatis 51, being the year 2016 in the common reckoning of such things.

The purpose of this page is to keep the history of the Shire, both in the sense of a running account of the activities and notable events of the Shire, as well as documenting as much of the earlier history of the group as I can.  Some entries will be a description of current (from my point of view) events, while others will be more focussed on getting as much of the history of the Shire as I can into written form.