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19 Sep 2019
05:00PM - 07:00PM
Light, C&T practice.
24 Sep 2019
05:30PM -
Heavy Fighter Practice
25 Sep 2019
06:30PM - 07:45PM
02 Oct 2019
06:30PM - 07:45PM
Drygestan Populace Meeting

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Keepers of Drystone 2019

Shire of Drygestan

8/2/2019 - 8/5/2019
OPENS: 10:00AM   CLOSES: 3:00PM

Event Steward: 

THL Bendi Cihan of Rad al Abiyahd
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(505) 690-4942

Site Fee:

Adult Event Registration: $12, Adult Member Discount: $7 (18+)
Child Registration (under 18): Free

  Feast Fee: $5 per person, RSVP by July 19, 2019
Site Status: 

 Discreetly Wet

Facebook Event:  



Greetings good gentles!

Drygestan is hosting a weekend of games and tournaments and would be pleased if you would join us! Activities thus far, include tournaments hard, light, archery, axe throwing and chess. Competitions in Arts, Bardic, Bocce ball, Backgammon, Hunker Hausen. All of which plus volunteering will gain points in the overall game for participating. The person with the most points at the end to be named Keepers of Drystone Defender. Second and third to be the defender's leuitenants. Prizes to be won! Feast to be eaten! Games to play! Oh my! If this appeals please join us Aug. 2nd- 5th at Cedro Peak Campground.

Keepers of Drystone Feast:

Cost: $5 per person .

RSVP: by Friday July 19th!

Check or Money order payable to SCA - Shire of Drygestan
Please mail to:
Shire of Drygestan, c/o Robin Williamson, P.O. Box 1694, Santa Fe, NM, 87504

Contact:  THL Cihan, 505-690-4942 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rosemary roast chicken
Garden salad
Balela bean salad
Vegan bean or lentil stew
Still life with cheese, fruits and veggies with a variety of dips
Fresh bread

Entire feast to be CINNAMON FREE. Please contact Cihan at 505-690-4942 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to notify of any allergy issues. In general no ingredient will be used in more than two dishes and as much as possible fresh organic produce will be used.  Known allergens such as nuts, dairy, and wheat will be served separately, and not included in sauces or soups, and all dishes will have content lables to ensure safe happy eating.


Site:  Discreetly Wet

Pets:  Pets must have their owners leashed for the event.

Parking:  Parking is rated at 75+ spaces for 150 people so carpooling where possible is advised.

Water:  Bring your own.  There is no water on site.

Trash:  Bear proof trash receptacles provided.  However whatever doesn't fit in the bear proof trash cans needs to be packed out when you leave the site.

Camping:  There are a ton of really great camping spots at this site.  There are a few areas, however, that have been reserved for certain groups (Royal, al-Barran, Fontaine, etc).  Please check with the map at gate for camping areas.

Bears: There are bears in the area Please view bear safety guidelines.

Fires:  Fire Danger as determined at the time by the US National Forest will determine whether Fires will be allowed on site. Click here for current fire alerts.

Cannons:  No Cannons will be allowed.  USFS noise rules.


For current site weather, check here:

For current weather and road conditions accross the Kingdom, check here:

Keepers of Drystone
Event Schedule:

 10 AM Site Opens
 5 PM Opening
 6 PM Board Games
Hunker Hausen
8 PM Bardic
9 PM Drumming & Dancing
9 AM Court 
10 AM

Arts & Science Displays
Fighter Tourney

Bear pit style, 6 feet and under. Please bring an item for a

prize table if you can.
Axe Throwing
Arm Wrestling

6 PM Court
7 PM

Feast (Please RSVP by July 19th)

Arm Wrestling

Battering Ram Contest

8 PM


9 PM Drumming & Dancing
9 AM Foot Races
10 AM Closing Court
11 AM Orcball
Fighter Melee
3 PM Site Closes


Drystone Activities:

Relaxing and having fun

 The relaxing and fun begins at 10am August 2nd and goes until 3pm Monday August 5th.

Keepers of Drystone Defender and games:

Games and activities to include:
** Competitions:
  - Arts & Sciences
  - Bardic
  - Bocce Ball
  - Backgammon
  - Chess
  - Hunker Hausen
  - Arm Wrestling
** Tournaments:
  - Heavy Fighting
  - Light Fighting
  - Archery
  - Axe Throwing

All of activities and games listed above gain you points toward becoming the Keeper of Drystone Defender.  You can also gain points for volunteering, entertaining at the feast, jokes, stories, poems, songs, gymnastic feats, mime, dance number, puppet show...

The person with the most points at the end is named Keepers of Drystone Defender.  Second and third to be the Defender's Leuitenants.  Prizes to be won!

From the Desk of Sir Thomas Winterbourne, Keepers of Drystone Competition Coordinator

Hey everyone! So, I have a few things about Drystone. The Defenders of Drystone is an SCA event, hosted by Drygestan, taking place August 2-5 up in the mountains east of Albuquerque. It’s a nice site, lots of trees and great camping spots. It’s on the calendar. So, there’ll be heavy and light tournaments, and singing around the fire, and sitting under a tree with friends and enjoying…whatever libations you wish you enjoy. I expect it to be a lovely weekend.

My particular area of responsibility for the weekend is the running of the Keeper of the Stone competition. At some point Saturday morning the competition window will open, and it will remain open for three hours. During this time there will be a number of “stations” open in various places around the site. Each station will focus on a particular activity. These will include fighting stations for heavy fighting, light fighting, and Cut and Thrust. There will be stations for thrown weapons and archery. There are also several non-martial activities, such as chess, Hunker-hausen, trivia, and bardic stations.

Every competitor will get at least one point for attempting the activity at a particular station. Depending on their success, they may receive up to five point for each station. Competitors may attempt as many or as few stations as they wish, although they may not attempt a particular station more than once. At the end of three hours, the stations close, the points are tallied, and we will have a winner to be announced at evening court.

Competitors may not participate in fighting stations unless they are authorized for that particular activity. However, the competition is designed so that it can be won without participating in the fighting stations. If memory serves, the last time this was done (at Lonely Mountain) it was won by a young lady who was not a heavy fighter.

So, if you are thinking about coming down for the weekend feel free to participate in this competition. And if you aren't seeking the August title of "Keeper of the DryStone" then feel free to come on down anyway. Have a drink, sing a song, relax with your friends. We'll be waiting for you. :)

Thomas Winterbourne

Keepers of Drystone FEAST!

Join us Saturday evening at 7pm for the feast.


Populace of Drygestan and honored guests,

I invite you to join me for a night of fun and revelry at Drystone IV.  I will be hosting a competition for the most noble of revelers, the BATTERING RAM competition.  This is a challenge to make a cocktail or cordial. It has to have a wow factor.  It has to be something to inspire the populace of Drygestan.  My only request, it has to be GREEN! Please also provide a list of ingredients.

Drinks will be judged by a panel and the winner will be awarded a fantastic drinking vessel. I will have a sign up sheet for entrants and judges, so find me throughout the day to get in on the BATTERING RAM!

See you Saturday night at 7pm.

Yours in Service,
Lord Gunnarr Langskeggr

- You must be 21 or over and present ID to enter the contest.
- You must provide an ingredients list to the judges.
- Drink must be green.
- Drink will be judged on flavor and color.
- Winner will sponsor next year's BATTERING RAM! contest


All scheduled events are subject to change at the needs and requests of Their Royal Majesties.

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Click here for directions from the South:

Click here for directions from the North:

  1. *Take the best route to NM 14 South towards Madrid NM
  2. *Head South on NM-14 S.
  3. *Drive through Madrid, Golden and Sandia Park
  4. *Continue onto NM-333 W/Rte 66.
  5. *Turn left onto NM-337 S.
  6. *Turn left onto Cedro Peak Rd.
  7. *Continue onto Juan Tomas Rd.
  8. *Turn left onto Forest Rd 252.
  9. *CEDRO PEAK CAMPGROUND will be on your left.