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Getting Started
Fighter Practice
Crown Tourney
King and Queen
Order of Chivalry
Armor & Weapons

Heavy Combat

One of the most popular aspects of the SCA is the sport of Heavy Armored Combat.  Fighters face each other on the field of combat in a contest of prowess.  Our combat is based on the honor system; the person being struck decides if the blow was hard enough.  Strikes to the head, groin, back, and chest are considered "kills".  Strikes to the arms and legs result in "loss" of that limb and fighters must continue the combat without using the limb.

Sir Thomas teaches Lord Decimus the finer points of sword fighting.

Getting Started

To get started in SCA Heavy Fighting, you just show up at one of our fighter practices and introduce yourself.  We are generally a friendly group and always look forward to meeting new people who share our interests.

You don't need a membership or have weapons or armor of your own to start or attend Fighter Practice- we have extra gear to help get you started.  If you are interested, we can teach you how to make your own armor and weapons, or you can purchase gear commercially.

All fighters participating in Official Fighter Practices must sign a waiver and be familiar with the rules of armored combat.  You can also find an un-official dictionary of combat terms here.

Fighter Practice

It takes practice to be a good fighter. Luckily, the Shire of Drygestan holds Official Fighter Practice weekly, with unofficial pick up practices going on frequently. Fighter practices are free and open to the public. Our experienced fighters are always willing to share their knowledge of combat. Some are even willing to take on long-term students or apprentices. Check our interactive calendar for practice times and locations, or sign up for email alerts to stay current.


Local SCA chapters depend on fighters to show off their combat skills when we do demonstrations for the public. This popular activity gives non-members a glimpse into our martial-arts culture. Probably our most popular demo is “Fight a Knight” - this gives kids the chance to get out on the list field and beat up on some of our fighters for fun. Check out our calendar or sign up for email alerts to be notified of when our next demo in your area is. Demos are free and open to the public.


Tournaments were an important part of life in the Middle Ages. These mock combats and chivalrous competitions were conducted for practice and to show off a fighter’s prowess. In the Middle Ages, tournaments were not fought to the death, or even to injure other players. Knights, squires, and men-at-arms were far too valuable a military commodity to risk harm in times of peace. Therefore, games were usually done with wooden swords or dulled blades, with the object being to touch your opponent, rather than injure him.

We carry this tradition with us in the SCA. Most of our events include a fighting component in the form of a tournament. Prizes for winning a tournament can be anything from bragging rights to new pieces of armor or weapons, or custom-made clothes.

Below are links to more information that can help make a fun and successful tournament.

- Master of the Lists Handbook
- Armored Combat Handbook

- How to Run a Tournament List

Crown Tournament

In the Kingdom of the Outlands, the prize for winning Crown Tourney is the title of King and Queen of the Outlands. In the Outlands, Kings and Queens serve as Chief Operations Officers for the Kingdom for 6 months, after completing a 2 month term as Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

King and Queen

In the Kingdom of the Outlands, our King and Queen are chosen by Right of Arms at the Crown Tournament, so only fighters can attain this title. Fighters from all over the kingdom gather to compete for the office of “King of the Outlands”. The King chooses a consort who serves as Queen. The King and Queen do not necessarily have to be romantically related; it can be a business partnership. The pair are considered “Royalty” and shown the utmost respect during their reign. It is the responsibility of Their Royal Majesties to travel throughout the Kingdom, recognizing and awarding the good works of the populace, building goodwill with other Kingdoms, settling disputes, and developing and instituting administrative policy for the Outlands.


One of the most fun events to go to is a war. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of fighters take to the field in a giant fight. The war is all in good fun, and usually pits fighters of one kingdom against the fighters of another kingdom. Teams are free to make alliances or hire other fighters mercenary style.

War isn’t just about fighting; there are all sorts of vendors selling their wares. So many, in fact, that streets are set up to form a virtual “downtown” or market square. You can find everything from armor to pottery, to jewelry, musical instruments, clothes, and more.

Order of Chivalry

Through hard work, practice, determination, prowess, and the study of Chivalric Principles, fighters can attain the rank of Knight or Master at Arms. People who have achieved this rank are called Sir / Dame or Master / Mistress.

Armor and Weapons

Fighters use a variety of types of arms and armor from a variety of time periods. Some armor is made from leather, some from metal, some made from both. It is the preferences of the person using the armor that determines its style. Some fighters wish to represent a warrior from a specific time period, wearing only armor pieces from that period. Other fighters wear a patchwork of armor pieces, using the best from a range of time periods. Fighters can learn how to make their own weapons and armor from the other fighters, weapon smiths, armor smiths, or from commercial vendors. The Shire of Drygestan has a complete armor workshop available for use, as well as at least one set of loaner gear new fighters can try before laying out money on the sport. - Plastic Lamellar plates to construct your own armor. Comes in a variety of styles and colors. -High End helmets with lots of customization options. -Mid grade custom helmet work and some other armor and equipment options. -Economy sets of armor to get you on the field quickly with a fullsuit of plastic armor. Popular with new fighters on a budget.
 -Local Armorer, custom or stock pieces available in a variety of material options. 

Torvald's Leatherwork -He produces SCA battle tested leather armor and accessories. Specializing in wax hardened leather scale armor, lamellar, custom demi-guantlets arming and kidney belts, gorgets, and more.

Armour Archive> Patterns -For the DIY craftsmen, patterns for many types of armor, as well as a forum with a wealth of information.
* Note: this listing is not necessarily an endorsement, just a resource our other fighters have found useful.


Fighter Waiver Forms

- Adult Waiver
- Youth Waiver
(16-17 years old)